Humboldt Karate Club

Traditional Shotokan Karate

Our 2023/24 season begins on Wednesday, September 6 at the Humboldt Public School gymnasium.
Registration forms are now available on our Class Info page.

Shotokan karate is a system of self-defence which relies on the effective use of the practitioner's body instead of weapons. It is based on using the body as a whole (breathing, muscle contraction and relaxation, body dynamics) rather than relying on arm and leg strength. Through karate training, one can develop self-defence skills as well as self-confidence, stable emotions, and good focus.

Our home facility is the gymnasium at Humboldt Public School, with training Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings from September through June. On occasion, when the gym is unavailable, we relocate to other facilities. Please contact us before planning to try out for the first time, so that we can make sure you come to the right place!

Humboldt Karate Club welcomes new students at any point in the season. We encourage anyone with an interest in the martial arts to come out for a FREE trial class! Just let us know when you'd like to attend and complete a trial class waiver form. We hope you'll enjoy the class!